TDS security system programming

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Mar 5, 2006
has anyone successfully re-programmed a new TDS remote control?

Following the steps from AutoTechs Procedures dont give me the results that they explain.

Step 1: Turn the key to on position
Step 2: turn valet on and off once
Step 3: turn the key to off position (should i remove the key?)
Step 4: turn valet switch on and off 4 times, should hear horn honk 4 tims (my horn doesnt honk at all)
Step 5: Push the transmitter button once, horn will sound (my horn doesnt sound)
Step 6: turn valet switch on and off once. Horn will sound 5 times, indicating all previous transmitters are erased. (mine doesnt sound at all)
Step 7: push the button on the new transmitter
Step 8: Exit program mode by therning the key to off.
Step 9: veryify that transmitters work.

Anyone with some good advise on how i should get this new transmitter working properly.

has anyone else had troubles programming thier TDS remotes
Beowulf's site has some useful info on Land Cruiser security sytems.

Unfortunately, my site is down. My hosting company got hacked and decided they don't want to be in the web hosting business any longer. They are unable to restore my web site so I will have to work on getting it moved (in all my free time... yeah, right. ) :frown:

tds woes

So I also have the TDS system but for the life of me I can't find where the stupid valet-swith thingy is, I know it should be under the dash by the kickpanel but I swear to you its not there.

Would one of you kind souls snap a photo of the switch and its location please? I am tired of laying awkwardly on the floor of the cruiser making my neck hurt trying to find this stupid thing.


No idea where they put it in 93, do you have the little red glowing light to the left of the steering wheel? It is a ~3/4 inch tall metal toggle switch and should be within easy reach of the driver; ie: not hidden. If not on the DS kick panel, no idea where they could have put it, if they did install one. ?glove box, ?center console, PS kick panel (never seen one in these locations however).

Where was your 80 originally sold? That may tell you what port it came in to (unless it was a dealer swap when new) as the TDS was a port installed option to my understanding. If you could figure that out, you could try to call the Distributor and ask, or easier, call the dealer who serviced it most of it's life, at least it's early life.

Are you having problems with the TDS, or just want to find the switch?

On my 96 the toggle switch is high up on the DS kick panel; however, my TDS is not active. A wire in the engine harness shorted and the TDS shut down the engine, on Christmas eve, at night, in a snow storm; that was the only time my 80 left me stranded. The mechanics up north who worked on it could not find the manual for the system, so they just pulled the computer. No more little red light. I think I'm better off now without it; something to consider.
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It does have the little red led next to the steering wheel and I have the 1 button tds remote ... but when I push the button on the remote and the little light lights up nothing happens with the car, hence why I thought there was some switch somewhere that I had to toggle. I will keep looking I suppose, hopefully its there and this isn't just some partially installed unit.

From what I was able to gather about the vehicle it was imported through Gulf States Toyota and had the TDS system installed at the port (Houston) as it is not a dealer or factory option. I mean I don't "need" the alarm I was just thinking with the nastier weather on the way I wanted my wife and kiids to have a remote unlock for those quick get in the car situations.
Hi gray.

I am having intermittent problems with my ignition, and I think it has to do with the TDS. About once every 3 months, my starter will turn the motor over, but no fire. I think it's when I possible switch the valet switch by accident with my foot and it throw the whole thing for a loop. Sometimes, disconnecting the battery for a few minutes fixes it, other times I have to let it sit for 10 hours or so. I would love to just pull it and get rid of the alarm all together. How did they "Pull the computer"?

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