Tcase output flange question

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Feb 1, 2002
Indianapolis, Indiana
Anybody know the spline counts on the rear output of the Split cases, and 3/4speed cases?

I swapped in the Toybox for the split case which mated to my later 4 speed shaft yokes but doesn't operate at steep enough angles. I call Jesse and find that the hot setup is the mini truck shafts, or a spicer with 1310's. Woody hooked me up with a mini shaft, but Jesse told me I needed different flanges. Turns out one of the flanges I need is the course spline 3spd bolt patern with 10mm bolts. Easy enough, drill one of the several I have laying around.

The tcase side is a different dilema, Since I'm at work I can't verify that the 3 speed flange will work on the output shaft. Somehow I doubt it. If thats the case, the dealer BO me one, and SOR is special order. I need a round one I can drill for the correct bolt pattern (3 speed/mini truck).

Clear as MUD?
while I don't recall the output spline on the split case, the outputs on the 3-sp and 4-sp t-cases are 10-spline coarse....

I have a "handful" of flanges at home, can check tonight, along with a split case, a early 80's FJ40 fine spline non-split case (HD front output cone), and 5-6 3sp/4sp t-cases on the shelf.

You need a flange to replace the existing split-case rear output?

And round is a rare breed...I have one, but it's in use :G

You may find yourself locating a undrilled flange...but I'll garage-hunt tonight.

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