Tan FJ60, possibly with OME 4lift

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Dec 1, 2003
Bend, Or.
I'm thinking about parting out a 1985 tan FJ60, probably with OME 4in lift depending on what I do with the suspension on the other 60. The body has rust spots popping up here and there, rain gutters, tail gate frame and corner of windshield, ect.. The paint is very faded. Body panels are straight and free of dents and dings. Basicly a great parts or trail rig. No drive train but I will have a complete, stock drive train available soon if someone wanted the two as a package and you put it together. It currently has motor mounts set up for a 350. The interior is 70-80 percent but missing a front seat (swapped out the passengers for the worn out drivers so I could drive it. Perfect dash and good door panels and so on. tires will be rollers but I do have some BFG's available.

Basicly, I'm looking for someone who wants the axles(compleat end to end with 3rds), OME suspension(PENDING), and a parts rig to go with it in one neat, clean transaction. My situation doesn't provide the time or patience to part it out. HOA rules and the woman factor. Location is Bend, Or. 97701

I'll scrap the body and frame if I cant find a buyer but I REALY DON'T WANT TO!! I've seen people restore FJ60's in much worse condition than this one rust wise.

Thanks for looking and Yes, Pictures are coming shortly. Thanks and :cheers:
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or I can take orders and deposits on parts untill I have enough parts spoken for to disassemble the whole thing at once. I've already had some requests so if it keeps going this way, I'll part it out.
more pic's

here is the basic break down of value. $1k for the OME springs, $500.for both axles, and 500, for the rest of the Cruiser. Cheers
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Only if I had the money. Are most land cruisers in your area rust free?

It's a mixed bag. There are some nice rust free cruisers in the area but I've seen plenty of rusty 60's here also. This one really isnt that bad at all which is why I'd rather find soneone who wants the whole truck. It doesnt have the large bubbles of rust only snall spots here and there except for the tail gate frame, it's a little worse but fixable.
It handles very nice with the 4inch OME lift. It's a litttle bouncier than I care so the lift is going with it. It's drivable at the moment if someone serious wants to give it a go before I pull the motor out. Cheers
Trades can also be worked out. Items I'm looking for

NV4500,with AA T/C adaptor or would consider an H55 in good shape
ARB winch bumper, steps and fender rails.
bump. taking oreders on parts or come get the whole thing. Cheers
Interested in dash pad (uncracked) and intake/exhaust manifold (if available).

I do have all that your asking for but the engine is currently in use so you'd have to wait till the conversion is done. at which point the 2F engine and drive train will be available. How big a hurry are you in??
Tires and wheels?

Tires and wheels?

I have a few sets. what are you after? I have a set of 33x12.50 15 BFG MT's I'd to see turn into 33x10.5 or 9.50's for the FJ40 and so on. let me know. Cheers.
I was liking what ya have on that rig

I was liking what ya have on that rig

sounds like you should buy some wheels and tires with a parts truck attached. they roll better that way ya know :D

I will take the front bumper caps!

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