Table Mesa Clean-Up 4/19/08

Feb 17, 2008
Sedona, Arizona
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Howdy! Spread the word! These are a fun way to meet other 4-wheelers and do a great public service. A fun run usually breaks out afterward, too!

31 March 2008

Contact: Nena Barlow (928) 274-0570

Trail Clean-Up at Table Mesa
Saturday, April 19, 2008

If you enjoy the outdoors for hiking, mountain biking, 4-wheeling, hunting or shooting, then you have probably shaken your head in disgust when others dump trash at trailheads and across our deserts. Now is your chance to help!

The Bureau of Land Management is hosting a public lands clean-up at Table Mesa on Saturday, April 19, 2008, from 8 AM to noon. Event sponsors include the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (AZOHVC), and the Good Gun Foundation, with additional event support from the Arizona Virtual Jeep Club, Arizona Rock Rats, and Absolute Offroad.

The event starts at 8:00 AM with a safety orientation, and then participants will spread out to various work areas. Wear long pants, long-sleeved-shirt, heavy gloves, hat, sunscreen and eye protection. Trash bags will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring their own rakes, flat-head shovels and grab handles. Five-gallon buckets with handles are also handy for collecting small debris and broken glass. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water to drink!

Directions: From Phoenix, take I-17 north to exit #236. Exit and turn left on the overpass, heading west. Follow road for approximately ½ mile. After the road turns to dirt, look for the wide trailhead on the left.

Volunteer a few hours for a good cause. Keeping our public lands clean ensures that we will be able to enjoy them for generations to come.

For questions, contact Mary Skordinsky, BLM Lead Outdoor Recreation Planner, (623) 580-5586 or Nena Barlow, AZOHV Public Relations (928) 274-0570.
Apr 8, 2007
I will be there for sure....might camp friday & saturday nights and wheel on sunday no matter what...
Great to see these clean up projects to help reverse the public image of offroad users.


Jan 30, 2003
All over Arizona
Howdy! Not sure if I can make this one, but I'm gonna try. I just wish we could get better news coverage of these cleanups. Maybe Az Fish n Game can get someone's attention at the Republic. I have been trying and trying, but nobody down there seems to be interested in GOOD news. Last week they ran a story about how offroaders are tearing up the desert, and they showed an arial shot of the Rolls OHV area without explaining that it is legal to wheel out there. John

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