T MAX TMAEWI8500 wiring diagram needed

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Oct 15, 2005
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
I am installing a new T MAX 18500 (24VOLT Yellow one) winch into my Volvo C304 and I have the winch installed in position however I do not have the wiring diagram as the previous people doing the install removed the remote the wiring (RED/YELLOW/BLACK) and disconnect the winch controller.

All I have is the end of the remote connector and this switch box. The WARN M12000 I have finished installing subsequent to this picture.

Does anyone have a easy to understand T-MAX wiring diagram I can use. I have tried the ones on the Ozzie webpage but I cannot follow them.

I will be connecting the controller to a offroad controls remote switch on my dash.

It is wired the same way as the warn. If that relay in your picture with no wires hooked up is what controls the Tmax (it sems a little too small), then you will have to figure out which terminals are which. Winch reversing relays are double pole, double throw with a center off position. You can figure out which lugs are the poles and which ones are the switched contacts with an ohm meter. One pole goes to the battery + and the other one goes to the motor armature (A) lug. The switched contacts go to the two field lugs (F1, F2). If I had to guess, the two top and bottom lugs would be the poles and the left and right ones the field connections in your photo. If not, it is the other way around.

Then you need to figure out how to run the relay. There are usually three small terminals. The center one is the common + lug and the other two are in and out which the switch grounds to run.

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