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Aug 14, 2005
finished rebuilding the t-case (almost) but have one question about the input section. my aa adapter (4l60e to 3spd) came with a spud shaft that goes in as the input and the two gears are slid onto the shaft then it goes through the bearing at the rear and then a nut and then the cone shaped cover. Well, what keeps the whole spud shaft and gears from walking in and out? i can push and move it enough that the whole gear almost dissengage inside the case. my exploded view shows a spacer after the bearing then the nut, but there are not enough threads on the spud shaft anyways. any ideas?


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Oct 1, 2003
Are you running a drive gear in the case along with a pto gear or spacer?

If so, tap the bearing on the back side of the case, the one under the six bolt tin cover, where your rear drivetrain mount is probably going to be located, tap that bearing into the case...it has probably just slid in its bore a little...no biggie.

Good luck!


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