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Jul 21, 2009
Does anyone have any information on the removal of the sunroof on the HJ61. It closes all but the back part hangs down about 2mm and is causing water to come in. Tricks or ideas on how to fix this problem.

Mike T
you truck is no good anymore, put it in a container and ship it to ontario, canada.


i dont know how to fix but have you tried new weather stripping?
Geese for a canuk (sp?) u sure complain alot. At least Japan saw it fit to let u guys have some of the cool stuff, un like us down here below u.

And to the OP I have no advice other than possibly try the diesel section as most of us over here have roofs ribbed for lack of sun roof.
never had this problem with my old 61 nor have I heard of it from others. could be a gasket problem or a track problem. removal is tedious and time consuming due to the head liner so I say start simple first with things that don't require fiddling with the headliner. when you take a good look at it, it should all explain itself to you (this piece overlaps this so remove that and so on).

The problem might be if you do find out the problem will you be able to get parts?

Honestly, how much do you love your sunroof to open? if you never open it and use it for trail you could go the ghetto route and silicone it shut.

I've sort of done it before on my rolled 61. I say sort of because it was rolled and I did not care about the liner and roof so I just had at 'er with force only to pull any salvageable parts I could (pretty much only motor). If I did it in your case and from memory I'd set some time aside. It's not hard, just tedious. Who know if could be easier to do than I think since you have an intact roof.

Post pics and post your location.
HJ61 sunroof

Does anyone have a diagram of how the sunroof or how to remove it?
I have this problem and my sunroof is low on the pass side. I have been
Using a rubber door stop stuck in there from the inside for years.
It shims it up. Im not sure when it happened or why but I don't want to mess around with it as its not something i use allot. It still opens which leads me to believe it is the track guides. I doubt you can get parts so you would have make the part.
Good luck. I don't have water leaking inside
It is easier than replacing a headlight.

Move the sun roof back about an inch.
The roof lining is held on by 3 clips on the front, grap it with your hands and pull it down, then slid it back.
There are 10 10mm nuts that hold the sunroof in, just undo.
Between the roof and the mechenisim there are shims, they are easy to make if you want extra height. On the back of the roof they are prone to rusting out as the rubber just sits on it.
The FSM (posted somewhere on Mud) has sunroof diagrams for 60 series trucks.
Hi Red Rattler, so can I get the sunroof out without removing the headliner, interior lights etc? Can you access all 10 nuts from inside the vehicle and then feed the sunroof out through the top?
Bit of an old thread here. Looks like Red Rattler hasn't been been on the site in 2+ he may never reply unless he has notifications turned on
True, just thought I’d leverage this thread instead of starting anything new. I’m in the process of looking for a copy of the chassis and body repair manual that covers my 1988 HJ61 cruiser. Apparently some notes on how to get it out in there.
True, just thought I’d leverage this thread instead of starting anything new. I’m in the process of looking for a copy of the chassis and body repair manual that covers my 1988 HJ61 cruiser. Apparently some notes on how to get it out in there.
Do you already have the FJ60 body manual?
Well to get you started just click on the "HERE" in my signature:

Seth, you are an absolute legend! Thank you!

When I workout how to do it, I'll update this thread with clear details for others to follow.
To complete this thread, screen shot of pg. 522 referring to removal on the sunroof panel only. Get a copy of the manual if you need to remove the guide rails, motor etc.

Remove HJ61 Sunroof Panel.JPG

Toyota Landcruiser Chasis and Body Repair Manual HJ61.JPG

Toyota Landcruiser Chasis and Body Repair Manual Pg2.JPG
REALLY happy to find this thread! My HJ61 also has a sunroof that sh** the bed last summer. The motor works, I can tell since it makes a clackety racket when I try and open / close it but the window only opened a few milimeters before completely stopping. Now I have added road noise from it not being closed and I suspect I added water into the roof area that should never have been there (since it over-wintered like that). Will follow this thread and post as I learn more / attempt to correct it this summer. Sounds like it simply came off the track?
Mine had similar symptoms. After removing the 10 x (M10) nuts, it is really easy to push up the roof section and lift out. I had rust flakes in my guides which I vacuumed up and then re-greased the guides. I thought I was in the clear, only to find the plastic guide had sheared off the end off the guide rope on my drivers side. Unless I can replace a guide and rope on one side only, I will be sourcing a whole new sunroof frame.
Sorry know it’s an old thread but hopefully I get some hits. I got no problems with the mechanism, but the actual sunroof is rusty..Seen one that was glass. Is that standard.? Wanna just replace it Does anyone know if it’s a direct replacement?
My JDM one is glass - I haven't seen a steel one yet. I would think that all the mechanism and fixations are the same....could be wrong though.
I just had it out last week for some...wait....rust repair at the rear end of the roof opening.
The glass is actually glued to a steel carrier which is then fixed by the 6mm nuts to the rail sliders. Rust can and does enter between the glass and carrier. Its a bit of a fiddly job but on my second one I managed to remove the weatherstrip around to address the rust before it's too late.
I had my first one suddenly lifting off while driving at 100km/h rust had worked its way underneat the glue....

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