Sunroof Frame Assembly Fastener - How to Remove?

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Oct 14, 2019
Charlottesville, VA
Searched and couldn’t find any info on this piece I’ve unearthed while removing the sunroof assembly frame. Saw a post in a different forum asking a question about it but there was no answer.

what’s the trick to removing this part? It’s the last piece holding my frame in. Started a new thread for ease of others potentially searching for the answer to this problem. Unless I’m missing something very obvious. Thx.

update: just pull down with decent force close to where the bolt is connecting to the body and it will come off. I used my head to catch the frame as it popped off the bolt.:redface:
So, how many hours did disassembly take?

the interior panels were pretty straightforward and I got everything off in under 2 hours. Not sure exactly because I didn’t keep track. I’m currently still working on trying to remove the cables from the track/soaking them in penetrating oil to try and free them up. I started at around 1030/11am today.

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