Subwoofer surround help

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Aug 26, 2011
Long Beach, CA
I want to replace the surround for my subwoofer but I don’t know what size kit to get. I see people talking about the twin 4” or single 6” subs. Mine measured 5.75”. Is this what people are calling the 6” one? I attached a picture of my sun with the tape measure on it. I prefer to order the repair kit from Amazon because I have a credit on my Amazon account.

It looks like Simply Speakers have what you need - I've referenced the LX470 full range (bad pun) as you may want to do the front door surrounds as well. The "subwoofer" and front door bass drivers are the same diameter. Not sure if these are the same size as the ML speakers in the LX?
Simply Speakers - foam surrounds for the LX470
Simply Speakers - foam surround for ML/JBL/Toyota

For not a lot of extra money, the Dayton Audio DC160-8 Classic Woofer might be a simpler alternative. 34Hz free air response sounds fanciful however Dayton Audio is good bang for buck
Dayton Audio DC160-8 just under 30 bux (+ delivery)

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