stupid roll bar supports

Jan 24, 2003
Columbia, MO
The stock roll bar supports-the braces the are tack welded to the wheel wells in the tub-have given up the ghost, and taken a lot of the floor with them. I've repaced all the bad metal in the wheel wells, and am now left contemplating how to tie the stock roll bar in a little more securely than with just the 18 guage sheet metal I used for repairs. I'm think about running 1/4" plate over the top of the wheel wells where the roll bar feet sit, and then making an "L" shape out of more 1/4 plate to tie the feet to the inside wall of the wheelwell, and adding triangular gussets to the "L" for a little more strangth. My other thought was to bend 1" 1/4 wall tube into the "L" shapes and add the lower support that way. I realise neither of these will be as stout as a real cage tied into the frame...Thoughts and ideas? Thanks, Alan in tornadoalley, where the twisters have subsided for now...

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