Stupid question.

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Nov 16, 2002
Northeast PA
How do I remove the tranny cover. I pulled all the bolts out but cant get it over the shifter. I assume that the stick from the tranny has to come out for this and if so how does that get removed.

At the very base of the shifter, right where it enters the tranny, you have to push down on that dome, and rotate it a little less and a 1/4 turn counterclockwise. It should then pop upwards a little bit and the shifter should come right out. I believe it is important to be in neutral as well. On some Cruisers I've been able to push it down and rotate it with my fingers, others are a little more stiff and then I just use the end of a big wrench or channel locks to push it down and rotate it. It stumped me the first time too. probably stumped me the second time as well.
Ok.. I tried pushing with my fingers. Not happening. I can push it down with a screwdriver no problems. But I dont see how you can grasp it with channel locks or a wrench.
It's not really an issue of 'grabbing it'. Once you push it down, you just have to have enough fricton and force to actually turn it. The channel locks or the wrench are simply the right shape to be able to push down and still maintain force on it while turning it. I'm trying to think of a better way to describe it, but does that make sense?
It is like opening a pill jar... down then sideways.

Rezarf <><

That's a pretty good description...I'm not going to ask why that was the first thing that came to your mind...but it was a good analogy all the same.

Are you winning or losing?

Last night I was losing terribly. Gonna give it a shot today. Maybe the cruiser gods will be in my favor. :)
Just remember your only turning the metal cover plate that is slotted not the whole shifter, the plate locks on the shifter pins on the sides.
A 3 in the tree would solve it;) (sorry I couldn't resist)

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