Stuff For Sale, Some Cruiser Parts

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Jun 16, 2003
Hull, Mass
I bought these to be rollers for my 40 project and intended to go with a new set of 34 10.50's. I decided to go the historic route and run factory steel rims, hubcaps and a set of 34x9.5 Swampers. Since I've changed the direction of my project I no longer will need these. I dont remember what the backspacing is, but it clears my drums in front just fine. The rims have maybe 40 miles on them. The tires are used/worn, but I dont think that it would be an issue to get them inspected. One you may want to change, but the rest are in good shape. Below are pics from my old place, but the tires and everything looks the same.





Im also looking to sell my compressor. It has served well for me, but I'm looking to upgrade. I have recently been using it to media blast several small parts here and there for my 40.
It cycles on and off when I'm using it obviously and it isnt really suited for sandblasting. Its good for tires, ratchets and impact guns which is what it did when I seldomly used it over the past 4 years. The tank has always mostly been drained after each use (I'm sure I didnt drain it every time...), and the pump works the same as it did the day I bought it. If you're looking for an entry level compressor, this is probably what you're looking for. If the price isnt right, let me know.

HP Pavilion f1703 17" LCD monitor, works perfectly. I bought one with more inputs and a bigger screen. $100

Also have some long jump seats in really good shape. $100

The TJ fender flares I wont be needing after all. $50

Front/Rear Axles from a disk brake 40, $400

Thanks. Its Detroit Diesel Alpine Green. Now that I have a proper spray gun, I will get some seafoam and spray it on after sanding everything smooth.

Jeff, you know where I'm at come on by. :)
Im selling my DeWalt chop saw as well. I've had it for 2 years I think, maybe 3. Still on the same blade, no issues whatsoever. Works 10/10.


Someday soon I will be in town long enough to maybe meet enough of you guys, get my 40 on the road and actually become a member.
Does anyone know if the long jump seats will fit in a 40 with a stock roll bar??

If so, I'm probably interested.

Also have a stock roll bar from my old 79. In 100% condition with all pads (Im pretty sure they're all on there.) $125-ish

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