strange smell

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Feb 11, 2005
morristown nj
with my 60, lately, i have been noticing a strang smell, after i have turned off the engine.
its almost like a hot rubber smell, not a burning one, but almost like an overheating smell, but without evidence of anysort of leak.
seems to eminate from the front pass. side.
again, it really smell like a hot rubber smell.
the truck isnt overheating, since the temp guage works fine, and im up on fluids.
any sugestions?
you know, I think I have had that same problem off and on on mine too. I havent done anything about it becouse it only happens once in a while.
Any change in your diet or foods you eat ? :D
Had something like this in my Avalon for the longest time until I figured out it was the alternator.
Do you ever get what sounds like an exploding sound from the fron pass side when you shut off the 60? Every once in a while I will get an exploding/popping sound followed by a burning smell. I was told on mud that I had to replace a part by the dist(I forgot the part) but it did not help. Lately I have not heard so I guess I just live with it.


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