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Oct 7, 2010
My 2nd switch is hard to push, and once in, its hard to get back out. I suspect the prior owner gave it a good drink of soda. Is there any reason it would be a bad idea to just spray the button down with contact cleaner (I have a can from cleaning the MAF sensor)? Can it hurt the plastic or print, or if a small puddle of it sits in there for a while?
Pull the center console area (search, I posted fabulous directions somewhere). The button comes up and you can brush all around the area of movement. No need to spray stuff on it, you wont get anywhere other than having a puddle of stuff on your console.
dug them up for you. good luck

Pull in the cup holders straight up and a little inward. The clips will pop out. Reach underneath with your hands and disconnect the seta heater switched and PWR/2ND start buttons ( the pop out upwards with a little push). Remove the transfer case shift knob ( it screws off) and lift off slowly. The shifter bezel will (or should) come up with the center console. Once you get that off I'd clean everything out while in there and have it off. Unscrew the cup holders and wash them out. There are clips around the shifter gate, pop them off and you'll gain access to the bulb. It's extrelemy small and easy to snap off in the socket. Atleast mine was flimsy. So be careful in that step. My NAPA/AutoZone did not carry a bulb that small, nor could Toyota find one for that socket. So my shift gate doesn't light up anymore :meh: it's no biggie.

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