steering colum adjustment

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Jan 30, 2009
Burnet, Tx
Anyone mind posting the easy way to shorten the steering colum on a 1970 fj40 ? I put in some new seats and need to shorten it.

IMO, your stuck with either converting over to PS or moving the seat back.
No easy way to do it, but if you insist on keeping the 1970 setup (assuming you no longer have the column shift):
Unbolt the steering box from the pedestal.
Remove the steering wheel and turn signal switch components.
Pull the column and steering box (they are one piece) out through the engine compartment (after removing the drivers fender.)
Pull the column tube off the box, cut out from the center of the shaft how much you want to shorten it.
Sleeve and weld the shaft back together.
Cut the bottom of the column tube the same amount.
Reassemble everything and put back in the truck.

This is what I would have to do to run mini truck ps correct? (on a 69)
different ballgame need good fab skills or a kit and modify colum .good luck

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