Startup Woes?

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Sep 15, 2006
My 85 BJ 60 has been acting up lately at startup. She fires up fine then shuts down after 10-15 seconds. I hear a click coming from the passenger side fire wall and then the engine stops; i fire it up again and it runs fine. Any ideas????
Sounds like EDIC to me. The EDIC (Fuel Control Relay) makes some pretty loud clicks when it commands the motor to a different position.

How "gunky" is your oil system in general? If the oil galleys are clean and the oil isn't sludgy it shouldn't need two tries to get oil pressure to the shutoff switch.

Troubleshoot this by disconnecting the EDIC oil pressure switch and see if it starts right up and continues to run. Unplugging the EDIC oil pressure switch simulates having oil pressure all the time as far as the EDIC is conserned.


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