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Aug 18, 2002
on the ice, wyoming
just wanted to say, check your wires. this summer, the 60 went dead, no power, etc. no clicking or anything. somehow I got it going again with no issues since then. that is, until last wednesday when the same thing happened after I switched the battery with the 80 for a day.

it turned over twice, then no power, no clicking. so, ordered a starter (I know, should have fixed it but had little time). put the starter in today, same thing, turned over couple times then nothing. so, some cheap starter to battery, ground from starter to frame, ground to battery wires and it started right up. plan on replacing them with some urban landcruiser ones in the future.

so, check your wires first if your having starter issues, and do it when it's warm out. about 10 degrees out today, and the garage is full of junk.:beer:

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