Starting Issues | Painless Hotshot Kit 30202 | Need Assistance

Jul 13, 2021
N. Georgia USA
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Greetings all, my 94 80 series is experiencing starting issues like many of you. I've spent a lot time researching the issue and the best/most economical fix is the Painless Performance Hot Shot 30202. Product - Painless Wiring -

The wiring diagram and provided instructions leave much to be desired.

This post from a few years ago help quite a bit but didn't answer everything Hotshot starter relay 30202 kit for intermittent starting install ? -

Can anyone that has installed one of these help confirm where the (4) wires terminate:
  • heavy gauge purple connects to spade terminal on starter (replacing existing wire)
  • heavy gauge red wire - doe it connect to other threaded connection on starter or is it not used at all? I've seen conflicting info
  • smaller gauge purple wire - where do I tap into the starter trigger? I've read it terminates to same spade connector as heavy gauge purple wire? Again, seen conflicting info
  • black wire - frame ground
Greatly appreciate the assistance.

Here's my girl:

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