Started building after months of researching

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Aug 28, 2007
Wetaskiwin, AB, Canada
Looks like everyone else is building trailers, I have been looking at this site for months doing research, so much great information. Checked out some used military trailer, could not find one worth the asking price.

Have also been checking out all the different web sites dealing with expedition trailers, love the Adventure trailers "Chaser" looks the best suited to my needs. Only problems are shipping and price. Now that I've started building and gathering parts, if Adventure trailers were a local for me, I would just buy one.

So the plans is to build two trailers like the Chaser, a friend wants one as well. Hopefully I can get photos to post.




Here are a few more photos thanks the thread on independant suspension. Going to be riding on Slam Specialties RE-6 air bags, 3500lbs axles from Standen's with the electric brakes and 6 bolt patern to match the Cruiser, Hub Shells and bushing came for the suspension from "LT" at Metal Tech (which means that while I was getting them I also ordered Hyperjoints for the next cruiser project).

In the photos we got the first frame assembled, then used it as jig for the second frame, both frames still welded together.

Okay have to figure out how to post more photos.

Very nice start to the trailers. I love the pictures and can't wait to see some more. I'm especially interested in watching the suspension come together. Keep up the good work. It's cool to see another fellow Albertan on this site. I'm originally from Cardston but now reside in Idaho. I should be back up North for the Memorial Day weekend.

looks like a good start, you might want to host your pics on another site and link them on your post.

good luck
The link for Photobucket works great. You've got a lot done and the independent suspension links are looking great.

If you want the pictures to show up in your post just copy and past the IMG Code from below the picture into your post. Here are a couple picture to tease the other guys into looking at your handy work.



Sweet idea on the independent suspension -hopefully it works out, then I can copy it :D
sweet trailer design. keep the pics coming so we all can copy it one day.. cheers chappy
Starting the tailgate and built the second box. Everything is tack together, so I will be spending time on the welder getting all the seams welded up. Also need to weld up some brakets to mount the AirBags to the frame.



Holy light-speed batman!!!!:eek::eek::eek:

You're moving VERY quickly and it's looking great!
Do you have a brake that big or are you out sourcing your bends? Looks awesome, and light! :D

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