Speaker install problems

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Dec 12, 2017
San Antonio, Tx
I’ll try to make this as brief as possible, I tried to swap out the front speakers in my 2002 LC today. Everything was going just fine, I got the door panels off, the factory speakers off and had installed the passenger side speaker with no issues whatsoever I checked to radio and got sound right away. I proceeded to install the driver side which went just as smooth until I checked for sound with it and there was nothing. I tried troubleshooting the issue thinking maybe it was a faulty speaker so I checked it with the passenger side and it worked just fine. Then I thought maybe it was the wiring harness for the speaker that was bad but upon swapping those out it proved to not be the issue either. Any thoughts out there on what could be the problem???
Welcome to Mud Jesse. I changed my speakers out this summer. Did you check the balance on your radio to be sure you had not turned the power away from the speaker because it was bad? That was how my radio was when I bought my cruiser. The previous owner had the balance set to the passenger side for the radio. When I tried to add the drivers side I could hear the blown speaker.
Hey thanks for the quick response, I isolated the sound to the front driver’s earlier thinking that was the issue too but no dice :-/
Did you remove the tweeter? If you have it close by plug it back in to check and see if it is working. This will determine if you have a signal or possibly a wiring problem. Here is the wiring diagram for the 2002. As you can see the signal comes from the amp through the navigation. You could have a channel out on your amp or the navigation could have issues.
The tweeter isn’t working as well...judging by the diagram I wondering if I should check the navigation ECU fuse and see if it’s blown since the wiring goes through that? While we’re on the subject of the navigation I’m also getting the dreaded “no disk detected” display but I wouldn’t think the two issues coincide right?
I would be on that navigation issue being your problem. If you are handy you can completely gut the navigation and stereo or you can try to fix the one you have.
Well...looks as though I might have my work cut out for me, thanks for your help this evening I really appreciate it.
So...it hit me last night, I had pulled the DVD rom player under the passenger seat the other day (since it wasn’t reading the disk) before swapping the front speakers out. I plugged it back and sure enough that did the trick, I had no idea that there must be an amp powering the driver side speaker inside that dvd rom! I hope this helps others in the future. This also adds to the difficulty of swapping out the actual head unit on LCs with navigation which I’m sure I’ll eventually tackle. Thanks again for your help I hope to continue to make upgrades as time goes on and seeking out folks like yourself in the process.

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