Spare trie carrier

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
United States
Looking for a factory spare tire holder- the one that bolts to the frame below the fuel tank. Looks like a PO had removed and reconditioned the tank in my 55 and didn't replace the tire carrier. Looking for one on which the lift/lower mechanism is free. Best to email me Thanks, Gary S
we've got one or two. i'll check with pighead to make sure we don't need them (most likely not) and get back with ya. for confirmation, it's the crossmember and tire winch portion that you're looking for.
Tire carrier

Yeah Iggy that's what I'm looking for. Not gonna wheel the 55 and am looking to get a spare tucked up where it originally was intended to be. Keep me posted. Thanks, Gary
if nuclearlemon doesnt have any laying around, give me till the weekend and i'll send you mine.
How big of a tire can they handle (assuming exhaust not in the way)?

brand new 33 1250 just rubs the upper shackle bolt stubs...

let me know if the others fall thru, I got one I can let go...
brand new 33 1250 just rubs the upper shackle bolt stubs...

Thanks, and it handles the weight of the 33x12.5 no problem? In terms of lifting it up?

Sorry for the tech hi-jack. I have always wondered if I could use the holder for a 33x10.5, but have this fear of going down the road and the winch dropping my tire with bad results!
they won't fit a 34x10.x5x15 swamper :(

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