some body can help me! ( check engine light turned on)

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Feb 18, 2007
can anybody help me! ( check engine light turned on)

:confused: hi i'm a newbe with a LC 1HDT-FTE....
everything is great with the car ,
but 1 week a go tha check engine light turned on, so i went to get a diagnostic and they said i have a proplem with the INTAKE CONSTRICOR CIR. (Code: P1420) . i tried to find information about this part and i can't find anything...:mad:

does anybody have an idea where this part is in the engine, or can you suggest something to fix the problem..

i want to try to fix it before i go to toyota dealer ( cause it will probally be expensive)

i apreciate any help :idea:
thanks and ciao
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try setting the reset pin behind the plastic on your speedometer with a pin

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