***SOLD*** 1971 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 For Sale Wisconsin

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United States
For Sale:

1971 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40.

The truck is a strong runner with a good frame.

I bought the truck in a collection and am looking to sell it as my wife doesn't care to look at it in our driveway for too much longer!!!

The frame is 7 of 10
The top and doors are 5 of 10
The engine is 6 of 10
The body is 3 of 10

All the major systems work well.

I have some spare parts which I would be willing to include.

I'm asking $1500.00 OBO.

The truck is in Freedom, WI near Appleton. Zip 54130 pass front_1.jpg

Rt rear_1.jpg

pass front_1.jpg
Rt rear_1.jpg
FJ40 For Sale in Wisconsin

Selling a Toyota FJ40 near Appleton Wisconsin

You will find a tread under the "trucks for sale"

It's a 1971 FJ40.

$1500.00 OBO.
this is exactly what i am looking for but im trying to line one up near colorado for august. If there is any chance it could get out that way i would want it.
I'm not sure how I could get it to Colorado. As always, I am willing to negotiate a bit. I would be willing to knock a few hundred off the price that you could use for shipping.

Let me know if you are interested.

i'm interested in purchasing the landcruiser. however, is there any way i can have more information on body rust. do you have a number where you can be reached. my e-mail is threesalazars@msn.com

I can be reached at 920-687-8641 (home)

Ask for Shawn
Hi, I am interested if it is still for sale. Can you give any additional info/pics on the condition of the frame & body? Is it rusting through anywhere or is it just surface rust? Any additional photos of the "typical" rust spots would be great. Also, how stock is it?

The truck has been sold.

Thanks for your interest.

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