Softop question

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Dec 6, 2006
Jupiter, FL
I have a 78 BJ40 in the Dominican Republic. It is in great shape but I cannot get anyone here to make a decent soft top. The re-builder took out the original rollbar and put what I am pretty sure is Jeep CJ rollbar which sits about an inch higher than the top of the windshield frame.

Any ideas about getting a Bestop? I mean, the "frame" he added for the current top is subpar and I would love to get something that looks a little nicer.


A soft top center bow is way taller than that roll bar.My cage sits at 37 inches measured from the top of the rear fender.This was fabbed useing a stock bar for specs.I'm running a Spector 2 soft-top and there's plenty of room.The bar is higher than the winshield frame.
It is about 45 inches from the floor to the top of the roll bar. Maybe 44 3/4. I would say it is about 2 inches higher than the top of the windshield.
The top is now secured with little snaps that keep pulling out the frame/body of the car. I was thinking a "non-custom", pre fabricated soft top might work better than the ones "created from scratch" down here. I was thinking tigertop or supertop or something like that but the Jeep rollbar has me wondering if it will fit. It is not like I can return things real easily down here............
The floor has 2 different elevations,depending on where you're pulling tape from.That said,I remeasured and I can say for a fact that the Spector Offroad top WILL fit.It will give you aprox.3 1/4" of space betwwen your roll bar and the top.Also,I compared the location of yours (aprox 13") back from the door to the centerline on your vertical loop.It WILL fit.Spector Off Road Mines the Spector 2 softtop.Check them out online.Good luck.

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