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May 21, 2011
hey guys

got another question for you guys.just a quick question, how easy would it be to fit a soft top im thinking something along the lines of this

to this car,

Also where is a good place to get the bars to support it? and how easy are they to fit? (im in Australia)

thanks again guys :)
Mar 22, 2008
Puerto Rico
That the best canvas that you can put on a 40, OEM style, there's a member that sells a replica of the OEM bows or check ebay, then you have to buy the canvas separate or if you are lucky try to find the bows on a junk yard down there in Australia..


Jan 2, 2003
OEM Bows

Here are the sources for OEM reproduction bows:

Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 OEM style Soft Top Bows | eBay

These are the full set including windshield channel. I don't know about shipping to OZ.

Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 OEM style Soft Top Bows | eBay

Same company, but just the hard-to-make pieces. You would need someone to bend-up the bow pieces, but measurements are included with this kit.

Welcome To

This is the US distributor for Pakistani-made replica bow sets and OEM-style tops. The owner of is on IH8MUD and his handle is SouthBostonFJ. Here is a link to one of his threads in the Merchandise section:

Lomusass, here on IH8MUD, makes many replicated parts, including bows. Here is a link to one of his threads:

Lastly, the OEM canvas top you linked by OCDBeetle is the hottest top going...but be prepared to wait for one. You might want to contact woytovich directly to inquire as to shipping to OZ and wait for a new top.
May 31, 2011
Costa Rica
I cannot post more pictures because I'm not important yet.
You can search my couple of posts and look at my rig. All I used was a simple rear roll gage and a tube bent to fit the holes in the body where the pegs for the hard top drop in.That keeps it in line with the windshield frame. It works just fine with the original hard doors. I built half doors and am planning my "drop in" side windows to do this week.
They'll bhave three drop in pegs on a 3/4 inch stainless box tube frame with a zip in window panel.

On the top itself, I spent $160 in material and hardware, cut and pinned it myself and the guy sewed it and seam sealed it for $20 ( 4 hours).
Figure a couple hundred labor in the states and you are way ahead the "second" BestTop.
The fabric I used was marine grade 1000 denier canvas, waterproofed at the factory in Columbia. I'm sure DuPont has something to work for your application. Basically it's kikkazz boat top and tent fabric.
It's about $26 a yard here, cheaper in the states, I'd imagine.
Mar 10, 2010
San Diego
OCDBeetle is currently very backed up in getting tops out, so be prepared to wait (my guess is he won't be caught up with current orders until next year). Also consider that the factory reproduction bows may interfere with your existing roll cage. If you do get bows, they are very expensive if you plan on getting new reproduction parts. You'll also need to make sure that you can properly mount the factory bows and tie down the soft top. For example your current aftermarket tailgate does not have the factory tie down footman loops, and neither do the corners of your body. Those will need to be drilled out, if you want a true authentic look, or you can go with twist ties.
Sep 18, 2009
NSW, Australia
Check ebay. I recently saw a nice clean set of factory bows go for $58. I would have bought them but I couldn't get down to Victoria at the time with the 40 being repaired.

I bought my factory soft top off ebay for $150-odd plus about $60 for the courier. Once again, from Victoria.

There's not many in Aus, but people seem to want to get rid of them.

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