SoCal Land Cruiser Club Meeting this Sunday


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Oct 26, 2005
Anaheim, CA
SoCal Land Cruiser Club Meeting this Sunday

Feburary 10th, 5PM Sunday afternoon.

Location: Fantastic Cafe located at: 5062 Westminster Blvd., Westminster

Upcoming trips:

Calico Ghost Town: January 20th Trip report at the meeting
Lockwood/Miller Jeep Trial February 17th
Mojave Trail March 28-31 (camping trip)

Be sure to come to the meeting for more details!!!

The Wheeling and Camping season is always good; Come to the meeting and let's discuss where to go!

Bring your Cruiser and kick some tires!

Lets talk about upcoming runs and plan new camping trips. If there is a place you want to camp or a trail you want to go on, bring it up at the meeting; more ideas the better!

SoCal Land Cruiser Club website


Apr 7, 2003
Mission Viejo, Ca
Sorry, I misunderstood since it was under the meeting notice... I don't think everyone came to an agreement on where to go this weekend. Since Miller was out some wanted to go to Big Bear for a Snow run and others wanted to hit a trail in San Diego County. Since I can't make it I did not pay much attention to the resolution...
Jun 20, 2006
Mission Viejo, CA, USA
Resolution, what resolution? I think we left the ball in Rich's court to do a little research & confirm a time/place. He was looking for something a little closer than the Jacumba area. It may be a moot point, as the latest weather forecast shows 80% chance of rain on Sunday, 2/17. On the other hand, I guess that means we have a 20% chance of no rain, and this is SoCal...
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