so when's the next gen. of cruiser coming?

Aug 18, 2002
on the ice, wyoming
i think Junks onto something :eek:
IMO Christos truck beats anything looks (and im sure performance) wise that Toyota manufactures. seems like in designing a new landcruiser they should at least look at the talent thats modifying their vehicles. Ive seen lots of modified fj40's that look nicer and just as new as the concept vehicle
main thing they got right on the concept is theres no carpet or side panels :D


Dec 13, 2002
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The Cimmiron didn't work becuse it was a piece of chit. That being said everything now is platformed based. Why build 15 different chassis when you can have 10 global one's? I hate the fact that that is the way the Auto industry is headed. Everything is a comprimise in an effort to maximize the bottom line. I can't see how Toyota could possibly try to sell that "thing" as a Scion though. That brand has been relugated to the youth of today. And I don't think for the most part they know what the hell an FJ40 is. If there going to pimp something that fugly than there has to be brand image. I bet it's placed near the top of the line pointed more towards the 40 somethings.

The Cimmiron was no more of a POS than the car is was based on, the Citation, it just wasn't what Caddilac folks wanted, or thought they would get when they bought a Caddy. If Toyota tried to sell a Taco based, cheaper vehicle as a LC, they might alienate those people who buy 100 series as high-end status vehicles.

As far as who they will market the FJ to, i respectfully disagree. I think they will push the FJ-40 connection and market it to younger people who buy Wranglers, just like Nissan did. Few of my students ever saw a 240Z before the hype around the 350Z started, now they all want one.

Of course, i could be wrong. i often am. if I could tell what other people were thinking, I'd be way too wealthy to be sitting here with time to chat on an internet forum.

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