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Jul 19, 2005
My 85 FJ60 has a snapped antenna from the PO. Until recently my radio had been working fine, so I wasn't worried about it. Now I'm picking up more static than anything else, so I think it's time for a replacement. I've looked at it a little bit, but what is the best way to access the antenna for proper removal and replacement? Thanks in advance. Also, any recommendations for a replacement antenna other than a cheapo from Radio Shack?
if you remove the w/w tank, you'll see wheere it's bolted in. unbolt and slide out.

if you wheel, either switch to a power antenna or don't bother.
If it's a stock antenna and radio, to remove it you remove the windshield washer tank to gain access to the two bolts holding the antenna in, and unscrew the top of the antenna so that it can be pulled down and out through the access hole in the fender. The ground wire also needs to be disconnected. The antenna wire to the radio is accessed by lossening the dash cap and raising it just enough to gain access to the plug in the back of the radio. The wire just plugs in.

A manual OEM antenna is around $20 from Toyota, and if you prefer, you can upgrade to a FJ62 electric antenna for around $150, which includes buying the switch. The wiring harness is already prepared for an electric antenna for all US model 60 series, and it's a nice upgrade.
dont want to hijack thread but my 87 has a broken antenna also yet it is a stock power antenna. My question is it seems to be stock because the po was not mechanically inclined. My question is is it possible this is stock and if so will the 62 antanna work


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