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Apr 27, 2017
Los Angeles
Hey, all - I was going crazy trying to find a smog pump for my ‘87 FJ60. Seems they’re mostly rebuilt by a company called Cardone, but the rebuild I received wasn’t correctly configured in terms of the 90 degree input/output pipes. I stumbled upon a company that said they’d rebuild my original. Dropped it off at this shop at noon one day, and it was rebuilt and ready the next day at 11 am! Yes, I’m fortunate I live kinda close to this shop in North Hollywood, California, but I asked the owner, Samson, if he accepts shipped in orders. He does, and he’ll ship back to you. He started telling me of all different FJ60 parts he has on hand: Alternators, A/C condensers, starters, distributors, etc. I think I found a goldmine! His number is (818) 506-8005. Cell is (818) 866-3427. Fax is (818) 506-4792. Website: www.invasion auto I have zero pecuniary interest in his business....I just want to share helpful information. I ended up paying $350 (cash) for the smog pump repair, rather than $700 for a new (or perhaps rebuilt Nippon Denso). Samson is a crusty old guy, and I don’t know how he handles the finances for out of area customers. But his work is first rate. Please share this with other forums - I don’t know how.

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