SM465 To 203 or 205 to split case help

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Oct 19, 2006
Ft. Worthless, TEXAS!
Can a np205 be used as a doubleer like the np203 can be?

I'm wanting to run the SM465 to one of either the np205 or the np203 to the factory split case in my 60, I found a 4wd 465 mated to a 205 for a fair price but need to know if the 205 can be used as a doubler like the 203 can be.

I'm on my cellphone so its hard to do a search. Thanks guys.
no it cannot

205 does not have the front gear resuction portion that the 203 does
Thanks Jason that's kinda what I had thought.
Interesting this came up. I was given a (low mile working and driving) 465/205 yesterday out of a 1980 Blazer. Not really sure what to do with it, but I have a 203 doubler box which has me thinking about swaps! I separated the two last night and the output splines on the 465 are pristine, I had heard they are usually damaged, but I guess I got lucky.

The 205 is a serious hunk of metal-anyone know if the rear sliding spline output can be replaced with a yoke or a flange?

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