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Feb 2, 2005
Albemarle NC
Since as of now there isn't a 91/92 slider option, I was thinking about running the sliders Marlin has for p/u's.

Would these be sturdy enough for 80 series applications?

What is the length of a Slee or Hannah slider (58", 67", 78" options from Marlin)?

The Marlin sliders come with the sliders and 6 notched legs so I could mount them where needed to work on my '92, right?

Any other issues with this I've not thought about yet?
I started a thread about this a month or so ago. im gettin some made soon for our trucks. 2badfjs is here in the denver area and gonna fab some up using my rig. Im sure he would be interested if you drop him a line.
I don't know the price, but he's made them for several people on this board, and they've all been satisfied. I believe his prices are quite reasonable as well, and quality work.
I think the FJ60's were going for about $400 + shipping. Im guessing somewhere close for the 80's material and time.

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