single piece flywheel for the PZJ70

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Dec 8, 2007
The 2 piece flywheel of my PZJ70 has been damaged. I'm planning on replacing this with a single piece flywheel from a 1Hz.

Is there any downside to this?

I have done a bit of research regarding hz trans behind a pz engine and I think you will have issues.

Im not sure the flywheel will bolt up to the crank and the clutch cover from the PZ will not likely bolt to the HZ flywheel. The clutch disc and cover is smaller on the PZ.

I think Exedy australia offers a single piece flywheel for the PZ.
I've welded together the two piece flywheel and replaced the clutch plate with ones that have springs. The clutch feels very light, the gear lever doesn't vibrate and the vehicle feels far smoother to drive.
good to know, i have considered doing the same but i was concerned with MORE vibration, glad it is the opposite. those are really expensive to replace.

Does anyone have a part number of a sprung clutch that fits behind a welded flywheel(PZ)? And if so, which pressure plate did you use? I have just welded mine and am looking for a clutch disc with springs as the PZ does not have springs in it.
Do you have pics of the welded flywheel
I dont have any photos yet, it is still out for balancing. i will try and get some before i throw it back together. All i did was remove the springs and weld it in the slots where the springs were. Hope its enough weld!
Are you going to have the flywheel heat treated
Any long term update on these 1PZ flywheel solutions (single, welded, etc?)
i just replaced mine (on a PZJ77 with 240,000kms) with new OE dual mass flywheel and clutch set... now it is super smooth.
i am very happy with my choice. total cost was around $1500.

i will weld the old flywheel and keep it as back-up (with a 60-series clutch set)

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