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May 24, 2020
Chicago, IL
Hoping for a bit of direction - 93 LC with the 4.5L 1FZ engine. Recently I replaced the head gasket and in doing so the No.5 injector is not firing. I checked compression adn it's over 170PSI with plenty of spark and the other injectors fire well. I used a stethoscope and no click from No.5, confirmed with NOID light. Using my meter I have 12V in the injector clip but clearly not getting side from the ECU.

A few things to note - In looking at the harness near No.6 there appears to be a 7th injector clip (this is neatly plugged off)? Was this intentionally placed there to be used as a spare in-case of situations such as this? If yes, then it would need to be connected properly at the ECU. My current hope, if I can, is to run a wire from ECU or at least the proper wire for No.5 cylinder injector and run temporarily. I just got the engine back together and would rather not tear it apart until I make a confirmation.

Can anyone direct me in how I can tap into this lead to get the pulse to the injector or No.5 cylinder? Thank you!!

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