Since we are talking paint....

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rock scientist..
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Feb 17, 2002
Las Vegas
Can someone please chop Bob with a two tone paint scheme??

I am thinking Stock blue with a white upper.. More of a 55 paint job bit there is another reason I want to paint it this way.

here is a pic of bob to play with..

I am thinking that the dividing line will be the body seam at the door handles..
ps 2.jpg
But your vote don't count

This is kinda what I am thinkin but my chop skills suck...

And I mean bad..
paint 1.jpg
paint 2.jpg
yah i think picture number 2 looks really good. and sorry i dont have photo shop
HawkDriver said:
But I like the two tone black and blue scheme. :flipoff2:

Yea, you've all ready got that Starsky and Hutch scheme going...
'cept in blue and black.

Not bad. But the slider area will be black..

Perhaps I need to hit up chat for the true chop masters ;)
Mace, I think I had what you wanted, but then it started snowing....

Believe it or not they have snow predicted in Las Vegas before Friday ;)
I like that middle one!!
can you do the second one I posted?

(sitting here in a purple shirt)

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