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Sep 6, 2014
Medford, OR
So I got in my 1996 LC the other day after several weeks not driving it, backed out of my parking space, headed down the driveway, and then headed down the road. As I came to the first stop sign I noticed the driver’s side mirror looked to be out of adjustment. Hmm, it was fine when I started driving. As I accelerated away from the stop sign I could see the mirror flop backwards some. At the next stop sign I stopped a little harder and it flopped forward to where it was almost pointing straight forward. I was headed to the gas station (go figure) then out to the woods for some hiking, so when I got to the gas station I hopped out to check what was up with the mirror and see if I could fix it before heading out. I couldn’t see any way to fix it so a couple quick fists later we were on the road with the mirror held firmly in place.

I haven’t taken the mirror apart yet and can’t see any way to fix it from the outside. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem and can it be fixed or do I need to find a used mirror?

The LC has not been hit by anything that I am aware of. My driveway is 500’ long and I park at the end so nobody did damage walking by. My truck is parked next to it so I know nobody drove into it. I can’t for the life of me figure out how all of a sudden the mirror now folds front and back with the wind (or semi abrupt stop). There were also no parts that fell out of the bottom sitting in the driveway when I got home. I also do not use automatic car washes.

Thanks for your help.

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