Should I invest $20k to $25k in our 08 LC 200? (1 Viewer)

May 15, 2018
Round Rock, TX
So not speaking directly to your issues but to general question you raised should I spend X dollars on an older vehicle.
I own a 1997 T100 purchased off lot in 1997. It has been mostly normal maintenance with few odd things like windshield wiper motor and couple of sets of rear axle seals. About 2 years ago I could not stand the way paint looked, the fabric falling of door panels and leather steering wheel crumbling. A good paint job that would last another 18 years was 7300, doors to recover were 300, and 300 for steering wheel. I paid 27000 for trunk new. So I was looking at more than 1/3 of original cost to fix those issue. I decided to fix it. I had paint done, I had doors done and I sent steering wheel off for new leather.
I enjoy the truck. It runs well and has been very reliable. Overall it was cheaper to fix my truck than payments on a new one and I really like my truck.

So if you really like your LC just fix it. If you have grown tired of your LC sell it outright with issues listed someone will buy it. Go get next vehicle that tickles your fancy.
Good Luck with your choice.

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