Shock my ride contest

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Aug 1, 2007
Germantown, IL
If you don't enter the contest yourselve's I would appreciate any votes I can get.

It is listed as : Alice in chains
Click on the stars below the pic to vote,
the pics constantly rotate to different pages to keep you looking.

Done, good luck Bill!
Thanks for the vote and the effort.
I will refrain from entering my wifes mini van as to give you a better chance Billiam. so you got my vote.
Thanks Tom, I wouldn't have had a chance against the mini van.
Voted for you, Billiam
Thanks Mr. Bryan
K, let me break out my 64 color crayons....

He didnt specify if he voted for Bill, he could have voted against Bill

...for who?

valid question

You're out of your element.

You dont seem to understand

Why is s*** going over YOUR head lately? Im disappointed. :frown:

Here im sad, cause if anyone understands my retarded humor I like to think its you

That makes even less sense than your last post.

Hopefully now it makes more sense, though what ever infantile humor it had is now long gone since I had draw it out for you....DONNY!
I thinks its even funnier with the break down

I like to color, its safe & I seldom hurt myself doing it
But I do wear a helmet & elbow pads
You can vote without a Facebook account if you are willing to register an email address for a conformation email. FYI
Thanks for the info Bill, you now have another vote.

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