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I sincerely hope that you learn to write before you complete your senior project and are being considered for graduation :mad:
Actually, I have been told that students these days have their own email language that is like slang versus the way they have to turn in papers and stuff.

Hopefully this is the case with this young Senior....
Even heard that they're getting credit for a 2nd language and everything...kinda like Ebonix. :flipoff2:
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Check this out.

I helped build a rock crawl course for these guys when they had their anual competition here in Utah this year. It was way cool and something I would have loved in school.

I am trying to get on our Junior design team here at USU. IINM, every year, the seniors get to design a brand new buggy and the Juniors (and other undergrads) get last years seniors' buggy to re-design and fix up. USU usually does quite well. I have a feeling they'll kick ass with me behind the wheel!--I just gotta convince them that... 8)

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wandering about some to build up for a rock crawler for a senior project cheap. This is my way off gitting a a at some thing i love and get to keep it.


Good Luck, rock crawler and cheap don't belong in the same universe. But if you are looking for really cutting edge out of the box ideas, I have dreamed of a few but don't have the money or time to implement for a while. Plus I can't give all of my ideas away. :D
I was a member of the Rochester Institute of Technology's SAE Mini-Baja team for several years, it was a good experience, I learned how to operate vertical mills, lathes and a bunck of other equipment. We completely built/fabricated the buggys frame, suspension, transmission, cockpit and many other parts from scratch, we were not allowed to do anything to the engines though. I only wish I had stayed on the team longer, at the time, I was too concerned with my major and maintaining a high GPA :doh:.
IF you want to build something cheap for wheeling look into suzuki samurais can usally pick them up for 150 bucks and you can do wonders to them I have 4 and love them

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