Sears Die Hard batteries

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Mar 8, 2010
kansas city
Hey kids... I'm re-stoking this subject to see what opinions are floating around currently about Sears Platinum AGM's. Does anyone know if they are still re-badged Odyssey's? I am also considering a Gold series for my daughters Rav.
You have to work at it to get reliable, current information about which manufacturer makes which models of which brands. The term re-badging is a bit of misnomer, given the state of the market (and with Odyssey deep cycle batteries, especially so because they are made by Enersys). For the 2 batteries I just bought for other vehicles, I simply researched quality, warranty, price, and availability (Consumer Reports, manufacturer, local stores, and local stores, respectively). Make sure you get a fresh one. I've had particular problems in the past finding fresh Die Hard Platinums. There are so high priced that few sell and I've seen them on the shelves close to year old. What I just bought was Duracell AGM.
Over rated and over priced! Try a Sam's battery for $89.00.
I would make sure to get an AGM make sure to also get a battery tender. Generally the charging diode and alternator aren't really designed to recharge the battery fully to 100%. So the tender will make sure it's at 100%.

There are a couple of threads about this, as the AGM generally need to be charged at 14.7 volts or so (well for one of it's phases). Will dig through some of the old posts and post the link here.

Sams Club has the Duracell AGM for a good price generally.

I have a Group 65 Diehard Platinum and have been very happy with it! Had to make a custom tray lol.
So for comparison of prices (MSRP).

The Odyssey Group 65 AGM is $290
The Sears Die Hard Platinum 65 AGM is $249
From what I could tell the casing on the Odyssey and DHP are still the same.

I believe the Gold AGM's that Sears is selling are from the Deka line. The casing looks very similar.

The Sam's Club Duracell AGM 65 AGM is $159
Batteries Plus X2 Power Premium 65 AGM is $264.99

Johnson Controls has a decent list of places that use their batteries (rebadged)
I've seen a lot of these newer AGMs with this style case like AC Delco, Advance Auto Parts, and Energizer.

I also believe Johnson Controls bought out Exide a year or 2 ago and they still selling that brand, both Exide and Northstar AGM have a different raise ribbed case to that above.
Thanks all... I will probably spring for the DieHard's this round... there is a 30% off $300+ order coupon out there I'll take advantage of.

@Dog Days... would you be able to post a photo of your custom tray?
Please post link to the 30% coupon. A group 31 is on the weekend shopping list.
BTW... query to the Sears battery size charts... Group 35 was listed for my 01 UZJ100. Its in and running well. $228 with the coupon.

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