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Apr 12, 2003
What sort of scheduled maintenance should be done on an 80 (1995-1997) with around 90K miles? How about a timing belt?
What interval should the axle, transfer case and transmission fluids be replaced?

I'm in the market and need to be able to factor any major maintenance costs into the purchase price, so any help is appreciated.

Kurt, they have timing chains. And unless you know the person that is selling it and they have maintained it religiously or it has been verified by the dealer that all maintenance has been done. It is a good idea to do all below. As well as a birfield repack for safe measure. Be sure to check the air filter and be prepared to have the #1 oxygen sensor replaced. They are ready to give up the ghost around 100k. If I were you I would invest in Toyota factory service manual out of the box and save myself some money. Meaning do this stuff yourself. 80’s are extremely durable vehicles but they do require more maintenance than your average auto.
This is a tough question to answer because your assumption is that the vehicle you buy will have been serviced at the specified intervals.  That's rarely the case.

Assuming you purchase an undocumented vehicle with 90K miles:

1. Change all fluids and filters. (AF upon inspection)
   Oil, Xfer case, Auto transmission, F&R diff.
2. Inspect belts. If not fairly new *or* if not OEM then replace with OEM Toyota and save the used belts as trail spares.
3. OEM battery (Panasonic brand) will last about 6 years.
4. Pesky Heater Hose (PHH) should be inspected and replaced unless you are certain that it has already been replaced.
5. Starter contacts wear out around 90k miles.
6. Check front and rear diff fluid for signs of mixing with grease. Also check front knuckles for leaking. If either mixing or leaking then prepare to do a full front axle service which includes repacking the birfields and replacing the inner axle seals.  The front axle service is supposed to be done at 60k mile intervals. In our experience, few PO's had this service done.
7. Repack all 4 wheel bearings (this would be part of an axle service)
8. Replace spark plugs, distributor cap, and rotor.  Test the plug wires per the FSM. Replace only if they are not in spec.
9. Check valve clearances. (Personally, I wouldn't do this unless the truck showed other signs of neglect.)
10. Replace PCV and grommet.

That's all I can think of right now.

Some things you may be interested in knowing:
1. No timing belt. Inspect timing chain at first overhaul (approx 300k miles) and every 90k miles thereafter.
2. Fuel filter does not need routine replacement.
3. Air Filters are 30k mile replacement.
  TRD now has a washable "high volume" air filter.
  Initial impressions are positive.
  Long term testing is in progress.
4. Many of us run extended oil change intervals with synthetic lubricants.
5. Wheel bearings should last the life of the vehicle unless neglected.
6. No, there is little you can do to improve the lousy mileage.
However, there are a lot of things you can try. None will work.
7. 35" with rubbing, 33" without.  :G

K -

I would add one item to Beo's considered list... check, repair (or better, modify) the differential breathers. The check valves, more likely than not, will be stuck shut, or the hoses will be clogged... which can, and will lead to B's item #6, "front and rear diff fluid for signs of mixing with grease" (more commonly, the front).

Both of our 97's had blocked breathers on both ends... this is quite common, and very easy to remedy.

Good luck!

R -
6. No, there is little you can do to improve the lousy mileage.
However, there are a lot of things you can try. None will work.


Funny!! :G :G

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