scan tools which of following looks good to you?

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so like how many times we gotta answer the same question?

if you can't tell the diff, then buy what you think is the cheapest for what you need

seriously, this comes up so often that i'm thinking of just making a frickin shortcut to type it for me :flipoff2:
Sir Junk speaketh the truth.

The Industry standard right this minute is the Snap on MT2500. Right around $4k, I think. There are better, but it is a good unit for the price. The Snap On modus is better, but untested. About $8K. More if you want the 5 gas tester.
The best is the factory Toyota one, but you could buy another cruiser for what they want for one.

You want a good cheap one, review the 90 other posts on the subject. :rolleyes:

Hey, c-foam. What's the price on a TOY220036 scan tool?
Of the 4 you posted links for, the Auterra has the best web site. I've haven't heard of anyone using any of these OBD-II readers. It's good to see you showing some initiative and searching on your own. Do some more reading and develop a list of features that are important to you, then see how each of these stack up.

For example, 2 of those you listed run on Palm devices. Do you have a Palm? Is yours a color Palm? Do you want/need to see the scanner screens in color (i.e. is there important information conveyed by the use of color in the device's software.)

I can't tell you what you are looking for in a scanner; I'm only offering this as an example of what to be looking for.

well, as I said in a recent post, I bought the harbor freight. Figured it's less than one visit to the dealer for a diag.
Sure enough, got a code out. But didn't seem to clear it though :(
(although some posts I read did say theirs were resetting codes allright, so pPerhaps the O2 sensors in my case keep resetting the code all the time... :-\)

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