Scan Gauge II ?

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Mar 27, 2012
Portland Oregon
Quick question. Anybody with a Vortec conversion running a scan gauge? Worth the $159 ? Would be nice to read what the engine is reading. Mpg, mileage to tank empty. And showing codes.

Looking for a review from someone using one.


Happy Saturday night!

Got me one... nice little gadget. I got it mostly so I didnt have to rig aftermarket gauges. Definatley worth the coin!

Nice to have a OBDII scanner on the fly.. althought I have only had to use it once.

FWIW in retrospect, I DO wish I had HP tuners or similar to play with... Scan gauge is "boring"
I have an Ultra-Gauge and it works well. I like being able to see what the engine is doing. I think it's pretty much the same as the ScanGauge, but less expensive.
Scan Gauge is made by linear Logic, and made in mesa, AZ. Bonus for me.... supporting locals.

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