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Jan 19, 2005
South west utah
I got challenged to try to keep up with a wrangler in the sand dunes this weekend and I got no experience driving in the sand with my new to me 91. I am running bfg at 35's with 4.88's and a detroit in the rear. I plan on airing down to 15-20 psi. I am wondering if I should be in 4 hi or 4 lo. If 4 hi do I want to engage my cdl. I don't want to be made a fool by a jeep lol. He is running 37's mt's with lockers. I expect there to be a fair amount of hill climbing on the trip. any tips or advice will be appreciated, thanks
Keep the RPM's way up and speed way up! and LOW tire pressure. That is what I have found (noob at sand as well :lol: ). Used my CDL and ran some climbs in 4L. 4H was to gutless. Couple times on some crests hit the front locker.
I would say 12-15 psi on the tires if there is no bedrock & boulders to cut up sidewalls. Shift the trans like it was a manual. Keep rpm above 2500. Yes , run CDs full time .
using the CDL depends on what you want...if you want to go where you point the wheels, go up hills, etc. use the CDL. if you want to have more fun controlling a dift through the sand more sideways, leave it off. when I"m in a sandy wash cruising around small trees and nothing big I leave it off and hang loose in the bends; when big rocks, trees, or sheer walls make the track more narrow I lock it up and keep it going where I point it. saves side damage from bouncing off rock walls.
Low pressure is king on sand IMO. Locking / unlocking is just like anything else, lock it up to the level you need the traction otherwise stay open. I would air down as low as possible and have kit ready to fix your bead if you blow it, and keep working on low pressure until you establish your low threshold if that makes sense. Just my .02 I have about 3 mos of dune running over multiple trips / years so I am no expert.
Sounds like this is a speed challenge. Cruisers & speed don't mix.

When you're done getting smoked, challenge him to tug o' war & drag him around for a while.
Come to find out he also has some kind of 350 under the hood lol. I don't expect to win but I think the cruiser will give him a good run for the money. I will make sure to get some pics and videos also I think I will challenge him to a tug of war
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You'll be fine. Like others have said, bag the tires and don't be afraid to downshift and keep it there.
Went out with the wrangler tonight. He had a 5.4 triton under the hood, 37's and front and rear lockers. All in all I was way impressed with my rig. Aired down to 10 psi he was at 8. On all the Sandy hill climbs he would get another 10 maybe 15 feet further than I could go. Only one hill he got up that I couldn't. I ran in 4 low almost the whole time because the area was almost all hills to one extent or the other. Considering I am all stock except the lift, 35's, 4.88's, and a detroit in the rear I feel pretty good about these 80 series. I was to busy having fun to get some better pictures or video. Sorry
I have yet to take my 80 out in the sand. We have some good dunes in Oregon to play on. I've taken my 40 lots of times. The thing about sand is that it's all about flotation and horsepower. The truth of the mater is you don't have any horsepower for the amount of weight. On my 40, I used to run mostly in high range, but that was with a stick (SM420). I also didn't typically use my lockers. They tend to make you slide down the hill when side-hilling. The 40 was gutless too and so running starts can be your friend. I think for the sand, the wrangler you were with is (dare I say) a better rig. JMHO.

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