San Juan Mountain Rally. Ouray, CO July 22nd -26th (1 Viewer)

May 22, 2014
South Florida
July 21st through 26th

Presented by M&L Motorworks

Ouray, Colorado.

A couple of years ago ago I attended HIH8. I was lucky enough to have registered within 90 second timeframe to get the golden ticket. I have done multiple car rallies, but this would be more first foray into a multi day off-roading event.
It was an epic trip. For those that have never been, there is a good reason why they call the Switzerland of America.
Despite some overheating issues the truck performed well enough to earn another shot at the San Juan Mountains.
I was supposed to attend FJ Summit last year, but well, COVID.
After that, I said #$%^ IT I'm goin next year, hell or high-water.
So here it goes.

6 epic days of hitting the historic trails of the San Juan Mountains.
Current itinerary.
open for suggestions.

Wednesday July 21. 10 am -1pm

Medano Pass to Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Lunch at the park.

Followed by some exploring. Sand sledding looks interesting.
Depart for Ouray 3pm

Trail Schedule open for discussion.

Thursday July 22.
Imogene. Yankee Boy Basin. Governor basin. Last Dollar Road.
Friday. July 23.
Ophir pass.

Black Bear Pass. (Assuming some of you all are joining me at his moment).
Porphyr Gulch.
Clear Lake.

Saturday. July 27th.
Engineer Pass. Cinnamon Pass. Wager gulch.

Sunday. July 25th.
Kendall Mt. Stony Mt. Kite Lake. Eureka gulch. Picayune and Placer Gulches.

Monday. July 26th. Mineral Creek. Poughkeepsie Gulch. Possible attempt at The Wall. Depending on level of assistance and assessment of current damage. Corkscrew Gulch. Hurricane Pass.
Red Mountain Mining area.

That covers all the trails in the manual.
Looking for good lunch spot recommendations.

All are invited and welcome to join.

Comms. I know most of you enjoy a debate on the subject. GMRS seems easiest but still set up for CB.

Hope too see a bunch of cruisers out there
Maybe enjoy an adult beverage of choice as well.
Cheers from South Florida.
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May 22, 2014
South Florida
Any more info available?

It's a rough itinerary for the week, I am hoping to hit most of the major trails out there, and definately the spots I missed a couple of years ago during HIH 8.
I figured there will be others out there looking for some trucks to hit the trails with, hence, San Juan Mountain Rally.

It's always better hitting the trails with some fellow cruisers, and a cold beverage.
If you've never been out here, it is truly amazing.
Feb 15, 2021
Don't have a cruiser, but I kind of have a land cruiser prado 🤷🏼‍♂️ (gx470 😅) might be interested in tagging along. I'll have to see our schedule. I've always wanted to explore the San Juans
May 25, 2007
We have about 10-11 trucks coming near the end of your date range, leaving from Nashville and Birmingham on the 22nd, getting to the dunes by the 24-25th.

Hit me up and we could possibly meet up?

Cheers, Joel

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