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Jan 19, 2016
Salt Lake City
I swapped a different OEM grille design over to my 2008 Land Cruiser, so I no longer have a use for the US-spec OEM grille. This is just part # 53101-60481, which includes the emblem. It does not include the rubber molding that goes along the top, or the clips that attach the rubber molding to the grille; this can be swapped over from a pre-existing grille, or purchased separately. Grille is in great shape. Some minor pitting, but no noteworthy chips or scratches; chrome and gray finish is fully in-tact. I've cleaned it up with some clay-bar and spray detailer and the chrome is mirror-like. All clips on the back are in-tact, nothing is broken. It's plug-and-play - this is a great alternative to buying a new grille at retail.

$100 + whatever it costs to ship. I can do USPS or UPS. I'll ship it in the extremely-sturdy packaging my new grille came in (see pictures).

FYI, for anyone wondering - though they look similar, the 2008-2011 and 2013-2015 200s use slightly different grille designs. The horizontal bars in the 08-11 are shaped like downward-facing 'parenthesis', while in the 13-15, the parenthesis face upward.

- Chris in SLC


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