Safari Turbo Opinions

Mar 27, 2003
This probably isn't the list to ask - try the 80s Cool International List - I'm sure there are quite a few people from AUS that have used Safari Turbos in generally unfriendlty conditions (maybe not).

That being said, I tend to agree with your point, Turbos seem to be too finicky for off roading. My only 'experience' (more like external observation) was a guy that ran a Turbo Land Cruiser in the Arctic - seemed to be endlessly trying to keep it tuned/in working order. He wasn't too happy when the only Toyota dealer within 1,600KM went out of business!

Cheers, Hugh
Aug 4, 2003
Central NC

I'll bet his turbo and his I/C LOVED that cold, dense air though... mmmm... power-rich air.

Oct 28, 2002
Western Massachusetts
I have a well built 4-Runner with factory 22RTE Turbo engine. The manifold is the factory Toyota cast unit, turbocharger is a Garrett T3/4 internal wastegate, stainless downpipe, factory Celica air to water intercooler, blah blah blah. No issues at all offroad... though I must confess, I don't think the system has ever been producing boost long enough to heat the manifold and turbine to the point where a splash of water would cause a problem. One would have to be pressing on VERY hard for some distance offroad to get it to that point, say pre-running. Even then, proper heat shielding or wrap would most likely prevent any damage. The only time the hot parts glow orange is after a long on road run up a mountain pass, the little 22R will be on boost all the way up. A large engine such as the 1FZ, being fairly torquey (sp?), would probably see boost much less often.

If I was tuning a 1FZ, it would be twin turbo all the way.

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