s-shaped spring pack

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Nov 1, 2004
shrewsbury, pa
well as it says i redesigned my front spring pack last weekend wheeling. I think it happened with a little too much speed a little down hill and brakes that i finally fixed maybe too good. best I can remember is we came a round a corner a little quick into camp and locked the brakes up. Heard a weird clunk didnt think much of it till we went back out and was about to hit a deep hole so i figured id put it in 4wd and i hear a new sound jump out and someone stole my driveshaft, well atleast the center section the flanges were still bolted on and my front spring packs were in pretty little s's. its an 87 fj60 soa sbc rear springs are 3/4 ton chevies and the fronts were a hybrid pack of a combination of rear ome lift and the stock front ones. I thought the fronts were soft but i guess i now know they were. So gettting ready to build a new pack just wondering i have the ruff stuff kit for anti wrap bar for the rear but havent needed it so i guess ill be using it on the front. Anyone else ever have the same problem. pics will come whenever it stops raining.
If you're gong to be putting that much force on them, think double military wrap springs. Two leafs curl over the ends. Might also want to get your pinion angle a bit more within range, a torque bar is just preventing the axle wrap that your pinion angle is causing.

Sounds like the front Frankenstein leaf packs weren't totally clamped together, either.
nope pinion angle is good actually a tad high to take into consideration the soft springs. and axle wrap is due to soft springs more so than pinion angle. pinion angle tears up u-joints more than anything else. as for clamped together if you are talking about the little clamps on the sides of the spring pack i really dont care for them as they seem to hinder droop in my experience. hopefully we can get some pics tomorrow if the rain stops. I think posts are worthless without pics

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