Rustoleum "stops rust" on frame?

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Sep 5, 2008
Lebanon, Oregon
Have any of you guys tried the Rustoleum "stops rust" paint on your frames? Did it last? Would you do it again? I was planning on using por 15 but the cost seems high for paint. Also it would be really easy to touch up with the spray cans. Thanks. Mark:beer:
too soft for a frame...
I've painted about 2/3 of my Pig's frame with it - from raddle cans. My Cruiser budget is loooong gone so I couldn't afford POR15, RustBullet or similar - so for the price Rustoleum was the choice.

It went on nice. I put on MANY coats and probably will put on a few more.
i have always had good luck with it, just put alote of coats
I used it on my frame.. The professional grade ..2 coats.....After 2 coats of Zero Rust. It looks great we will see how long it lasts.
Got done spraying the frame with the Rustoleum and it really looks good.... here is to hoping it lasts at least a year or so!:cheers:

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