Rust in body sills etc of old 80 series

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Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
My 80 in a previous ownership used to be a beach vehicle. In the last few years I've noticed rust coming out from the inside of the lower body sills and now also around the rear wheel arch spaces as flare pieces have come off (which were hiding the rust).

I don't think it's currently 'terminal' as in writing the vehicle off from being economically repairable, but being a 1992 build it's 30 yrs old and still operates mostly reliably.

i'd need to get rusted sections cut out and replaced but my main concern is the rusting inside the hidden spaces. I don't know how to address that and have considered a number of options none of which really seem to be a good practical solution.

I don't have much bodywork experience beyond repairing damage inflicted by me during off-roading.
Jul 12, 2022
San Diego
You might want to try spraying Body Protection Wax, or Cavity Wax, inside the panels. This won't stop what is already there, but it will help prevent further corrosion. I like products from Wurth- theirs comes as Body Protection Wax Transparent 33.8 Fl Oz, which requires a Wurth sprayer, or, the Cavity Protection Spray 500ml which comes in a rattle can.

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