rust arrrrg!

Nov 7, 2004
Hi, I love this truck, the ride, reliability plus I have a real bias towards LCs in general. That being said, I am very dissapointed in the state of the sheet metal near the w.stripping of the windshield (pic attached) of my 97 Lx450. This is like the toyotas of the 1970s quality. For a lexus this is not great. I first noticed this spot a few months ago during our winter here in Quebec. Ealrlier today, I started to clean the rust areas and the first thing I know I poke my finger through the sheet metal. I could not believe it, how could this happen. poked a hole like it was foil thicknest Apart from the upper gate rust that seems to be fairly common and that I can handle, pending the fix, this is the only rust on the truck. I will try to get someone to weld a small patch to fix this. I would like to fix this w/o removing the windshield but I doubt it. Is this the right path to fix this? Thanks for providing the opportunity to vent as I am really dissapointed in how tis truck is holding up o the Canadian elements.

1983 BJ42, real rusty but I can live with it or fix it
1997 Lx450 rust issues that are not funny for a truck this price
Jul 2, 2003
Trumansburg, New York
I would bet that the windshield is not original and that the replacement was installed improperly. This happened on a 4Runner I owned. The replacement was not properly sealed and allowed the water and salt to begin entering into the windshield frame. A few years of this and pretty soon I had the bubble you mention as well as some starting on the inside of the A-pillar right where it terminates (the bottom) and was hidden when the door was closed.

If you've got rot that bad you should definitely have the windshield pulled out, do the metal repairs, attempt to treat the inside of the windshield frame with some rust fixative and then have the windshield re-installed properly using the Lexus/Toyota sealant and new gasket.

Sorry to see your rust - it truly sucks and seems to be a loosing battle. Good luck.

Mike R
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